A fine bunch of gentlemen

An old Lewes cricket team - at the Dripping Pan?
An old Lewes cricket team - at the Dripping Pan?

What a fine group of men - at least most of them. The only information Rouser has is that they are ‘an old Lewes cricket team’.

Not very helpful.

However, Rouser has a strong suspicion that they are playing at the Dripping Pan in around 1900.

Those were the days.

The Dripping Pan has been used by the people of Lewes as a centre for recreation as far back as records exist.

The original purpose of the ground is unclear, although local legend suggests that it was part of a salt-making industry run by monks from the adjacent Cluniac Priory, the ruins of which can still be seen.

Alternatively, the ground may be the excavation pit for the adjacent Mount.

The earliest known Sussex cricket match was the Duke of Richmond’s XI against Sir William Gage’s XI on in August,1730.

It is not clear if the game was started as the announcement states that ‘it was put off on account of Waymark, the Duke’s man, being ill’.