A fizzy group of workers

Rouser139  02-08-13
Rouser139 02-08-13

This picture of a group of trendy female workers and two lone men was taken by an Express cameraman in 1964. They were members of the staff of the Corona soft drinks bottling plant in Davies Lane/Road in Lewes.

What the occasion was about is a mystery to Rouser although someone out there will know.

Corona, as many will recall, was a brand of carbonated beverage. The firm was created by Rhondda grocers William Thomas and William Evans when they saw a market for soft drinks caused by the growing influence of temperance movement in South Wales.

Corona was bought in 1958 by The Beecham Group and subsequently by Britvic Soft Drinks in 1987. It was famous for delivering its product door to door by its ‘Corona Man’, much like a milk round. One of its advertising slogans was: ‘Every bubble’s passed its Fizzical.’