A flaming bullet

A drawing of the flaming bullet
A drawing of the flaming bullet

From the pages of a wartime copy of the Sussex Express:

With the object of destroying airships, Mr Charles Dawson of Lewes, the well-known archaeologist and discoverer of the famous Piltdown skull, has invented a flaming bullet.

The destroyer is quite a simple article and a sketch, drawn by Mr Dawson, of the invention is reproduced herewith. An ordinary bullet is bored at the apex to form a cavity which is filled with phosphorus and a small portion is allowed to project beyond the apex.

On discharge the phosphorus is heated and it flames or is predisposed to flame on coming into the slightest contact with another body.

Thus, on coming into contact with an airship, it would immediately ignite the gas and the machine would be destroyed.

An ordinary bullet would, of course, merely penetrate the envelope without doing any further damage. The bullets must be used with care and not for ordinary uses, as considerable damage by fire might be done.