A lovely young lady

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013
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Meet Lovely Susan Jones - Miss Newhaven of 1988.

It’s a pity that beauty contests are no longer socially acceptable.

They were fun. Rouser has helped judge a few in his time.

* Local lady Clare Stewart writes re Rouser’s recent picture of Corona bottling factory workers in Lewes: ‘My dad is the gentleman at the back - John Richardson.

‘I have asked my mum if she knows why the picture was taken but she doesn’t know.

‘The picture brought back memories of us as kids at Christmas when my dad would bring home bottles of cherryade, limeade and blackcurrant.

They used to have a 10 pence return for the empty bottles. We would go round collecting them from neighbours so we could get 10 penny sweets at the corner shop.’

Rouser used to do the same thing although in his day the cash back was 3d a bottle.