A steam whistle from the past

County Rouser 09-08-13
County Rouser 09-08-13

This charming photograph from the Paul Haynes collection shows the old Newick and Chailey railway station. It was part of the East Grinstead to Lewes line, more popularly known as the Bluebell Railway.

The station was located on the single line, but consisted of two side platforms on a loop line. There were substantial station buildings on each platform with a pedestrian footbridge connecting the two.

Following the withdrawal of the services on the line in 1955, a Chailey resident, Margery Bessemer, forced its re-opening in 1956 for a short period when she discovered that the original Acts of Parliament which authorised the line’s construction imposed a statutory obligation on British Railways to continue running services.

British Railways responded by running the most meagre timetable possible, the so-called ‘Sulky Service. Parliament did eventually repeal the original Acts and the line closed in 1958.

The track was removed in 1960 and the station buildings were demolished in the mid 1960s. The site of the station platforms in a cutting was subsequently infilled and covered by housing.

Their site is identified in a road still today called Lower Station Road.