A ‘strange’ young man

A bizarre extract from the East Sussex News, January 18, 1895, (thanks to the Newhaven Historical Society):

At the end of last week residents of Lewes Road, Newhaven, were surprised to see a somewhat peculiarly dressed man riding a donkey and accompanied by a dog, and another donkey carrying what appeared to be his worldy possessions.

A passer-by started to talk to him and was told that he was the Strange Young Man and would not give any other name.

In answer to questions, he said that he travelled from Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico and was on his way to Jerusalem.

He had undertaken the journey as the result of a wager, that he start without money and earning his expenses and food on the way.

He was entertained for a few hours by a gentleman in Newhaven and left at night for the steamship Seine. He said he would have to walk from Dieppe to Marseilles by way of Paris.

He would then take a boat of Jaffa which is within easy reach of Jerusalem.

The Strange Young man proposes to return by the same route and to deliver a seriesof lectures. They will be highly interesting for, though he only 33 years of age, he has spent a peculiar life. After being trained for the American Church he spent two years as a cowboy and 12 months as a preacher.