A Tardis in the town hall

Strange missive from one Nick Flint:

‘I must have been aged five, so it was late 1965 or sometime in ’66.

My brother Chris and I were taken one evening by our parents to Lewes Town Hall. We had been told we were in for a treat, but were uncertain quite what it might be. The question should not have been what but Who?

‘When we arrived inside the hall there he was! As large as life. There stood the Doctor. He was dressed just as we had last seen him in blurred black and white with the frock coat, checked trousers and flowing grandfatherly locks I now know to have been a wig. The actor William Hartnell, who 50 years ago burst onto our screens as the first incarnation of the television Time Lord, lived not far away in Mayfield and had materialised in our home town.

‘I wanted to know how he could be here in Lewes only days after we had seen him cornered by arch enemies the Daleks, as that portentous music signalled the last episode’s cliff hanger?’

Does anyone else remember the Doctor’s visit to Lewes?