A wedding reception for the princely sum of £21

DAPHNE Taylor (nee Earl) has fond memories of Holloway’s Restaurant which used to grace Lewes High Street.

She writes: ‘I was married on May 27, 1950, and had my wedding reception there. It was a really lovely place.

‘I enclose a copy of my reception receipt which I thought people might like to read to see how much a reception cost in those days.’

Indeed a difference!

And Joan Cornford (nee Naldrett) writes: ‘I was born in Lewes in 1922 and at the age of 14 I left school and started work as cashier and book-keeper at Marsh’s, the butcher at the junction of the High Street and Station Street.

‘I recall that at Christmas time all the turkeys, chickens and geese were hung outside. A real display that would never be allowed these days. About the Beggarman Smith charity, it was amalgamated with another and, as far as I know, the money is now distributed at Christmas time to elderly people.

‘I look forward to your column every week so keep up the good work.’