Amy back on road

SINGER songwriter Amy Wadge is back in action, on the road with a new album just months after giving birth to baby Nel.

Daughter Mali is now three; Nel is five months; and as Amy - who plays the Chichester Inn on March 30 - says: “The real test is now!

“The last three years I have still done some gigs, but I have not done as much as I used to. Now is the big test, a proper tour for the first time in years, with dates back to back.

“My husband has got a TV acting job based here in Cardiff for the first time in years so he is home every night.”

It helps also that Amy is touring as a duo, with Pete Riley who is in a similar position family-wise.

“I must have been having happy pregnancy hormones when I booked it all. And now suddenly she is here and it is like ‘What have I done!’

“But I met Pete two or three years ago, and we started writing together for other people. We found it so easy that we thought we should do an album. And then I got really excited about it and thought that we should tour it and do it properly. The tour dates started to be booked in the middle of last year - all booked and done and dusted by the time Nel arrived. But now I am a bit ‘Oh dear!’

The album with Pete came out in mid-March, called Rivers Apart - and inevitably motherhood has filtered through into her song-writing.

Tickets available through Roots Around the World on 01243 774641 or direct from The Chichester Inn.