An Arabian on the racecourse

One Cheryl Lutring writes: “I habitually turn first to your column in the Sussex Express when we receive it on Fridays - always an informative delight.

“This week [May 17] I was particularly interested to see the photograph of the grey horse running on the Lewes racecourse, but felt duty bound to clarify a point contained in the text.

“The mare is not a Thoroughbred racehorse but an Arabian competing - and indeed winning - The Great Arabian Endurance Test.

“Mr H V Musgrave Clark’s grey mare Belka and she won the 1921 Test ‘The GAET was organised by the Arab Horse Society and started and finished at Lewes Racecourse, having traversed from there to Arundel and back again - a route of 60 miles – on each of five consecutive days and carrying no less than 13 stone! Not quite like Thoroughbred racing, I think you will agree.

“I am an equine historian with several books to my name and one on Lewes Racecourse which will be published this month. During the research for Lewes I have amassed much information and intend to continue this collection beyond the book’s publication.”