Artist’s work inspired by the cycles of human life

Preview: Archetype by Rebecca Youssefi. Dragon Bar, 71 George Street, August 1 to 15.

YOUTH project Respond Academy’s artist in residence Rebecca Youssefi will soon be showing a sample of her work at the Dragon Bar.

She will be showing five pieces from a series of 22 that she is currently working on.

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The paintings are figurative, and in oil or acrylic, with each one also having a different material such as sand or tree branches, incorporated into it.

Rebecca said: “Archetypes are universally understood symbols which have been recorded as being present in art and storytelling for thousands of years.

“Throughout the history of humanity symbols have served as a language of communication from one person to another, from one time and place to another.

“I am interested in the constantly repeating experiences of humans. From birth, to inspiration, solitude, creation, knowledge and inevitably death, the cycles of human life connect all people.”

Rebecca, 25, studied Fine Art at Hastings College and the University of Westminster, before returning to give her time as a tutor, arts coordinator, and artist in residence at Respond.