Baronet steps out and turnip is a hit

FROM the pages of the Lewes Journal, November 25, 1816:

* The Rev Mr Kemp’s new Chapel in this town [Lewes] will be opened for the performance of religious duties tomorrow. The Chapel, we are pursuaded, from the well-known sincerity and conscientious deportment of its pious owner, will at each hour of assemblage be crowded to excess.

* Sir Francis Burdett, on Thursday last, again visited our town [Lewes] on horseback. The Baronet himself took a parcel and, placing it under his arm, was not above walking with it to a Tradesman’s on School Hill which clearly evinced that fashionable pride forms no part of the worthy Baronet’s character.

* A decent-looking woman has lately made her appearance at several places between this town and Eastbourne, levying contributions on the public under the pretence of her husband having been robbed of £40 and that consequent necessity compelled her to leave home.

* The Turnip which last week claimed our notice from the unusual extent of its growth, was on last Monday evening exhibited at the White Hart Inn before a company, at whose suggestion, by the skilful application of a knife, it was reduced to a shell and filled with the most excellent punch.

* Last week Mrs Sober, of Stone House, Warbleton, gave a new round frock each to 45 poor boys belonging to the Heathfield Chapel Sunday School.

* Early yesterday morning eight geese and ganders were stolen on the premises of Mr Henry Hollingdale of Plumpton by some robbers who contrived to escape with their booty.