Beachy Head memorial to those brave airmen

THE RAF in late June supported its fallen comrades of yesterday by flying in a Bomber Command tribute to Beachy Head via Chinook helicopter.

Why Beachy Head? Because those cliffs were the last sighting most airmen had as they left their homeland to take the war to the enemy.

In post 1942, after the Americans started day bombing in Europe, it was feared that with our airmen going off early evenings to night bomb and the Americans returning to Lincolnshire and East Anglian bases, a huge aerial traffic jam would occur over the North Sea.

So future RAF raids were routed out over Beachy Head.  Sadly, that landmark would have been the last sight many were to have had of England .

The six tonne granite memorial was delivered in two sections, which were dropped into place by the RAF on the edge of Beachy Head cliffs.

Let’s hope it doesn’t, in due course, erode into the sea.