Bears, cabbages and the town’s gallows

The Polar Bear Cafe in Lewes
The Polar Bear Cafe in Lewes
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Colin Pratt well remembers the Polar Bear Cafe in Lewes mentioned in a recent Rouser.

He says: ‘It was a very friendly place. The great-looking juke box contained about a couple of dozen 78rpm records arranged in a pyramid!’

Thanks for that, Colin.

By the way, does anyone know the origin of the name of Cabbage Walk, the path between the Pells and the Landport estate in Lewes?

Presumably there were originally allotments there;but it does seem a strange name for a thoroughfare.

Finally, spare a thought for the Lewes site of the town gallows.

An early Lewes Town Guide had this to say about it: The gallows site in Abinger Place is now occupied by spacious and convenient lock-up garages.

Thus, by a reversal of the natural order of things, the lock-up follows the gallows.

Moreover, the tenants of the later erection are more easily pursuaded to enter into occupation than was the case under the earlier order.