Celebrating sixty years on the throne

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012

QUEEN Victoria’s diamond jubilee in 1897 was celebrated all over the country and empire - and there was a sizeable turnout in Lewes.

Pictured, outside of the church of St John sub Castro, a crowd watching dignitaries, led by the town’s mace bearer, leaving after a municipal service.

The jubilee worldwide was marked by many celebrations, including, on June 22, a progress to St Paul’s Cathedral, where a short service of thanksgiving was held outside the building, as the Queen was too lame to manage the steps.

Eleven colonial Prime Ministers were in attendance. The Queen’s progress continued via the Mansion House across London Bridge and through South London, before returning over Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace.

She didn’t make it to Lewes!

l Above the picturesque village of Streat, on the slopes of the Downs, is a large V-shaped plantation of trees commemorating the occasion of the jubilee.