Eastbourne Herald Christmas food reviews: Christmas Gravy Burger

The Eastbourne Herald reporting team has been trying out the latest festive treats throughout December.

From crisps to pizzas and soups, we have been reviewing Christmas goodies on video.

Monday December 13: Christmas gravy burger box meal

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PRICE: £6.99 from KFC

Christmas Gravy Burger SUS-211222-170948001

To celebrate the news that KFC will be returning to Eastbourne town centre, I decided for my last festive food review I would try the Christmas burger that the fried chicken chain offers.

They call it the Christmas Gravy Burger, and it looks about how you’d expect. Between the two pieces of bread are: a piece of fried chicken, cheese, a hashbrown and covered in what KFC are calling gravynaise (yes, that’s gravy combined with mayonnaise).

You’re reaction to this will likely hinge on whether you regularly order the regular gravy, I happen to be a big fan and so went into this with high hopes.

My thoughts after eating it were a combination of mild satisfaction and an undercurrent of needing to be sick.

The chicken, cheese, bread, and hashbrown taste standard and really aren’t worth discussing. The controversy here is all on the gravy sauce.

Gravy and mayonnaise should not work together. And they don’t really. I can’t say that I loved this burger and I’m still quite sure how I feel about it.

But it did intrigue me and I would try it again. For that I have to be generous, and coinciding with the news about KFC returning to our town, I will give it an 8/10.