Close call for school girls during collapse

THE windmill that stood on Mill Plain, on the Downs between Ringmer and Glynde, suddenly collapsed on a fine, windless June afternoon in 1925.

A letter concerning the event was sent to the local Press by one E. F. Marsham of Pelham House School, Seaford.

In it he recorded that a party of girls from his school had been on a charabanc outing and had paused at Mill Plain for a picnic. Some of the girls wandered off to explore while the picnic was being got ready and ventured up the ladder and into the mill.

A mistress summoned them back, and it was while they were eating their picnic in the shade of some trees that the mill suddenly collapsed.

Mr Marsham wrote to express his concern that such a dangerous structure should have been left unguarded without even a warning notice.

It must have been quite a scare.