Closure of the Heathfield branch of Lloyds Bank is just not good enough

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I have just received a letter informing me that the Heathfield branch of Lloyds Bank is to close in six months.

To say that I am sad, upset and disgruntled is putting it mildly.

I would like a full detailed reason from Lloyds as to why it has been decided to close this extremely busy branch – and I don’t wish to read it ‘online’ or any other way as I feel very strongly that as a ‘valued’ customer for more than 50 years I should be treated with more respect.

Where is its duty of care to its customers? I do not do internet banking and being an OAP have no desire to start. I also do not wish to visit another town to conduct my banking needs.

I have been a loyal customer through my working life and now, during my retirement years. I don’t ask much from my bank but now it is falling short of my expectations and needs.

What is Lloyds going to do about its duty of care to valued customers? Or does it not value its customers? Am I to move my account to another bank?

This is simply not good practice for a long-established business.

Janie Huggins