COUNTY YARNS - People and places

In the 1931 census the populations of the neighbouring coastal towns of Newhaven and Seaford were reported at around 7,000 and 10,000 respectively.

Today Newhaven numbers 12,000 while Seaford has 23,000. So quite considerable increases. On the other hand, in 1931 Lewes was home to 11,000 people but in the intervening years has only increased to 16,500. Doubtless this is due to the geography of the locale what with the combination of steep Downland and flood-prone plains making it impossible to build in many more places than is already the case. This may explain the massive expansion that has taken place in Ringmer. Before World War II around 350 people lived there but now there are no less than 4,500 inhabitants. Engagingly, the Ringmer Parish Council website describes the place as an “overgrown village”.