Creaking legs moved a school

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013
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In around 1714 the ‘creaking legs’ of headmaster, old Thomas Peirce, appears to be the main reason why Lewes Old Grammar School moved from Southover to a new home – its present one – just outside the old west gate in Lewes High Street.

Before then poor old Mr Peirce had a laboured climb every day up Keere Street to make it back to the sanctuary of his homestead.

As David Arscott put it in his newly published Floreat Lewys (Pomagranate Press), the size of the High Street building allowed Peirce and future masters to take in large numbers of fee-paying boarders.

But another century later there were complaints that the distance and difficulty of reaching the school from Southover in winter induced many parents from that locality to discontinue sending their children there.

It’s still a tough job to to make the journey on foot through the snow today!

n Pictured, Old Grammar sports day at the Paddock.