DAVID ARNOLD - Lewes school mystery solved

Two weeks ago in this column John Cooper posed a question about the location of Broughton House School on Lewes High Street.

Julia Rutter, of Seaford, responded: “My mother, born Brenda Smith, and her sister Joan Emma Smith attended this school in the 1920s. My mother was born in 1912 and my aunt in 1914.

“In the 1940s my mother and I were standing near where Boots is today, looking up that part of the High Street known as School Hill. We noticed schoolgirls in dark green uniforms entering their school in the building on the right of the street occupied today by Adams & Remers, solicitors.”

Julia added: “The Schools of Lewes” by Brigid Chapman records that the school first opened in the late 19th century at 34 High Street. By 1911 the school had moved across the road and down the hill to 212 High Street.”

So it seems conclusive that John’s late wife Evelyn was correct in telling John that Broughton House School was at 212 High Street and not in the building opposite that bears the name Broughton House.

There remains one small anomaly. Adams & Remers are actually housed in Trinity House. It is the building next door that is No 212.

Finally, I would like to correct two errors I made in John Cooper’s story. Firstly, he has a total of eight great grandchildren.

Secondly, Brenda Noakes is not John’s niece. Brenda and husband John have been good friends with John Cooper for many years. Apologies for greatly confusing a number of readers!