DAVID ARNOLD - Officer Dibley and a grave undertaking

John Dibley was a policeman in Lewes from 1949 through to the late 1960s.

He rose to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable and was awarded the OBE.

Of his early days as a constable he recalls: “I was on foot patrol in Western Road in the wee hours of one morning when the Station car, a Wolseley, came down towards the High Street with three persons on board.

“The driver was Sergeant John Harman and he had with him PC Fred Burtenshaw.

“When I went in for refreshments I enquired as to who the third person was who’d been sitting in the back. It transpired that they had attended a sudden death on the Nevill Estate and, rather than call the undertaker out to move the body, they sat the deceased in the back seat and took him to the mortuary.”