DAVID ARNOLD - Tufty attracted two million followers

Remember Tufty?
Remember Tufty?

Remember Tufty? The little red squirrel proved a road safety phenomenon when he launched his very own club back in the early 1960s.

He made the front page of the Sussex Express of Friday 18th October 1963 when it was reported that the 100th member, five-year-old Anne Goswell of Nevill Estate, Lewes, had been enrolled into the St Mary’s Social Centre Tufty Club.

Indeed the club had grown so rapidly that it had become necessary to split the members into two groups according to the ages of the children.

The previous Tuesday the Tufty Club had a busy activity day with clay modeling, story telling of Tufty and his friends and group singing. The serious bit was a talk on road safety.

By 1972 national club membership had passed the two million mark. Are there any readers out there with fond memories of Tufty Club days to share?