Droll sense of humour

IT’S nice to know the Express editor had a droll sense of humour back in 1837.

For instance:

Lewes Bench, January 31 – Not a case of the least public interest was heard today.

A few days ago a tradesman of Lewes was returning home on horseback from Brighton when, near Falmer, he was stopped by three drunken soldiers. He had great difficulty disengaging himself.

The Offham hen-house of Mr James Aylwin was broken into on Friday evening. The thieves succeeded in taking away eight hens and six eggs.

Mr and Mrs Arkcoll of Cliffe Academy, Lewes, will be happy to receive the sons or daughters of butchers, grocers, millers, bakers, drapers or stationers, upon the plan of reciprocal dealing. The pupils will be treated as affectionately as their own children, and every attention will be paid to their health as well as education.