Drowning and dropping dead

FROM the pages of the Lewes Journal, August, 1817:

l A few days since, as Sir Godfrey Webster was taking an airing on horseback, he observed lying on the brink of Abbey Park pond, a man’s hat which led him to fear that some person had drowned.

He lost no time in getting the pond dragged, by means of which a body was found that proved to be that of a young man who worked as a journeyman collar maker at Battle.

Disappointment in a love affair is supposed to have driven him to this rash act. His remains were taken to Wadhurst where his relations live.

l Last Thursday, as George Cherryman, a land surveyor, was crossing a field at Arlington, on his way to Alfriston, in the company of a stranger, and apparently in good health, a fit suddenly seized him in which he dropped down and expired on the spot.

l A man of the name of Galton, who a few days ago, after walking from Newhaven, complained of being ill, laid himself down in the stable of the Swan Inn in Southover [Lewes], whence however he was soon removed as a corpse.