A McDonald’s in Lewes is not going to put anyone out of business

In a previous letter, a local couple suggested that McDonald’s would lower the reputation of Lewes being a ‘gourmet centre’. They also state Lewes already has several so-called cheap places to eat, pizza, fish and chips etc.

Sunday, 8th September 2019, 9:08 am

And laughingly, they also state that Lewes, land of the constantly blocked Cuilfail tunnel and Southerham Roundabout might suffer, horror of horrors, a number of cars with idling engines waiting for a minute or two while ordering their meals.

Yes, Lewes does have nice places to eat, if you have deep pockets, and a few cheaper alternatives if your pockets aren’t so deep, but don’t presume everyone has plenty of money to spend, especially if you want to treat your family to a meal out at the prices that McDonald’s offer.

They won’t put anyone out of business as they all play their own part in offering people choice of where to eat.

Steve Butler

Hurst Lane,