Escaped from an Irish lunatic asylum

EXTRACTS from local newspapers, as uncovered by the Newhaven Times:

l October, 1945; Waves crashing on the beach at Seaford, caused by a strong gale blowing in the Channel, lifted two mines over the sea wall and on to the promenade. The road was closed until they were dealt with. One of the mines was found to be live.

l June, 1946; For sale - Carona, a Cornish Cobble, converted in 1936 to a fishing boat at a cost of £2,800 and recently overhauled by Cantell and Son, can be seen lying in their yard in Newhaven.

l November, 1948; Dear Sir, Passing through Customs at Newhaven last week, I was asked verbally the reason for my going abroad. I would like to know under what authority I could be subjected to such an inquisition and what would happen if I refused to answer?

l July, 1949; Seventy-thousand gallons of water are estimated to have been lost when a water main burst near Newhaven Railway Station. Four cottages and the public bar of an hotel were flooded.

l December, 1949; Cecil Robinson, an ex-RAF fitter, who escaped from an Irish lunatic asylum, was recaptured at Newhaven as he was about to board the Dieppe boat.

He was taken to jail at Lewes.