Evening of spirit communication

Sussex-based medium Colin Fry will present one of his most intimate shows to date at Worthing Pavilion Theatre on Thursday, July 7, 7.45pm.

Colin has starred in a number of paranormal and psychic programmes on television and has spent more than 30 years performing live shows and demonstrations. This summer he presents an evening of spirit communication to create a new and thought-provoking evening of audience interaction.

Colin’s success starring in Living TV’s 6ixth Sense and with psychic private eyes on CBS Reality led to a worldwide audience of over 16 million regular viewers. He undertakes regular national and international radio shows and recently recorded a new television series in Norway.

Colin is also the bestselling author of Life Before Death, Secrets From The Afterlife, The Message and By Your Side which was released in April last year.

Colin also runs residential workshops and seminars in conjunction with his tours and has another international tour planned for later this year.

Tickets on 01903 206206.