Eastbourne group for LGBTQ parents offers support, advice and friendship

Libby King and her son SonnyLibby King and her son Sonny
Libby King and her son Sonny
An Eastbourne mum has set up a support group for LGBTQ+ parents and is celebrating the group’s successful first year.

Libby King started Bournethisway (BTW) a year ago during the pandemic, when support was needed more than ever.

Libby said: “Covid pushed us to get creative and we did.

“Online virtual meet-ups enabled our community to stay connected and support each other.

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“But we’re now back connecting face-to-face. The numbers of families joining is incredible and it just goes to show there is a need.

“When we feel we have support and are not alone, we often cope more effectively with difficult times in our lives.”

BTW provides a safe, confidential space to share feelings in a non-judgmental environment.

Libby said: “We as a group naturally provide peer to peer support but we do also sign post to other services if needed.

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“We are grateful to our partners at the House project, Sussex Community Foundation and the Chalk Cliff Trust who have been so generous with their donations, helping BTW fund health and wellbeing activities for our families.”

Activities include personal training sessions, yoga, mindfulness courses, visits to farms, outdoor activities, baby massage and lots more.

Libby says regular feedback from the BTW members is vital to help grow the service, meet the needs of those that use it and ultimately enhances their overall well-being.

Stef, a BTW member, said: “Parenting is always tough so support is crucial.

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“Each parent at BTW is so unique and we all have our own story to share.

“We can all learn from each other.”

Another member said: ‘The group has made me reflect on our whole journey, highs and lows with people who truly understand.”

Libby says she and the group recognise that its not just parents that need support and LGBTQ+ people thinking about starting a family or getting pregnant can also feel very isolated.

BTW can provide info about getting started.

The group meets once a month in Eastbourne and surrounding areas, to enjoy a variety of health and well-being activities.

Anyone who would like to join or for more information about the group call 07736569771 or find them on Facebook 

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