Fencer Tim hoping to build up musical career

WITTERINGS-based singer-songwriter Tim Sturdy is hoping to take things to the next level with his iTunes and Amazon download release Violet Blue.

Tim Sturdy, a fencer by day, is hoping the single will help build his profile towards achieving his dream of securing a regular income through his music,

Tim, who goes under the stage name Sturdy, will be in action at the Park Tavern, Chichester, on Friday March 4.

“I have got an album out that I have had out for some time, but the main thing I am pushing at the moment is the song on iTunes which is the most professional sounding recording that I have done to date.

“It’s basically a song about a walk home at night. It’s a winter song. It’s more like a feeling of an atmosphere when the moon is out and it is cold and dark - though it is quite a light song.

“I always like to think that my roots are rock and roll. It’s just me and my guitar, but I do pack quite a punch when I am playing live. There are all sorts of influences in there, like blues and jazz and folk. I have been compared to Johnny Cash and The Doors. That’s that sort of direction.”

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a solo performer: “I am quite energetic and it is a powerful sound, but because it is just me and my guitar, I always get mid-week gigs or Sunday afternoon gigs rather than Friday or Saturday nights. But the advantage is that you get paid more. You don’t have to split it!”

Tim’s album No 1 (a play on number one and no one) came out about three or four years ago: “I am still not 100 per cent happy with it, but it is very difficult to be happy with things that you have recorded yourself.

“It is not quite the sound that I wanted to portray. The guy that was doing the recording put a fair bit of pressure on me.

“We recorded it in a week and it was done. If I had the choice, I would probably have spent years and years on it!”

Now, Tim is working towards another album - though he admits it’s very difficult juggling organising gigs with full-time work with Knight Fencing.

His hope is to get picked up by management or an agency.

More details about Tim and his music on www.myspace.com/dancingsturdy.