Fever at Brighton gallery

A one-off site-specific ensemble piece at Brighton Media Centre Gallery presents Wallace Shawn’s The Fever on Sunday, May 22 at 7.30pm.

A spokesman said: “The Fever examines the human condition in our subjective world dominated by a privileged few. Though the work directs its attention towards the middle classes - their privileges and narrow world view - the issues raised speak to everyone but the very poorest and powerless in the world.

“Staging The Fever is an ongoing project for saltpeter. We believe it should be performed as much as possible. Our aim is that each staging feeds into the next; that each will inspire others to create their own responses.

“saltpeter played to a full house at the People Show Studios, London, on December 30 2010. Our London staging was conceived as taking place at the end of a dinner party. In Brighton, drawing inspiration from the gallery itself, The Fever is set at a private view.

“The Fever was originally conceived by Wallace Shawn as a work that could be performed in people’s homes, to small groups by actors of any age or sex. It was first performed by the author in January 1990, in an apartment near Seventh Avenue in New York City. Shawn has since performed the piece many times for audiences ranging in size from three to 800 strong.

“It’s been seen by some critics as an expression of liberal guilt while others champion it as a harsh criticism of the US in supporting oppressive anti-communist regimes. In 2004 it was adapted into a film which starred Vanessa Redgrave.”