‘Flurry of emails’ about Victorian shooting party photo

JOHN Hilder of Barcombe was fascinated by Rouser’s July 6 photograph of the Victorian shooting party out in the woods near Lewes.

He says: ‘That great photo has caused a flurry of emails among local historians.

‘Pam Combes has identified the photograph as of Captain Richardson of Sutton Hall, Barcombe. Richardson had a peg leg – hence the shooting cart.

‘He fought in the Peninsular Wars, so may have sustained a war wound, although this is yet to be proved. The photograph is fairly early, as he died in 1869.

‘John Sclater, now of Sutton Hall, has a framed copy of this photograph, which is believed to be the original, and thought to have been taken by one of his family, who were very keen photographers, when they lived at Newick Park.

‘The shoot could have been at either estate, as the Scalters and Richardsons were clearly close friends.’