Christmas food reviews: McDonald’s Festive Pie

From December 1-23 through the weekdays the Sussex team will be trying out what the shops have to offer for the festive period. From Christmas crisps to pizzas and soups, we can try out what’s out there.

Friday December 3: Festive Pie with Mincemeat & Custard

PRICE: £1.19 from McDonald’s


The Festive Pie from McDonald's. SUS-210312-152616001

Today I will be reviewing the festive offering from McDonald’s, a Christmas version of their standard apple pie. Instead of the classic apple and cinnamon filling, the festive pie has custard and mincemeat. For £1.19 it is an absolute must try for our festive food review series.

My expectations going in were pretty high. I am a fan of McDonald’s (obviously), I especially like their apple pies, and I am not as offended by mince pies as many people my age seem to be.

After tasting it, I have to say I am slightly disappointed. It tastes nice enough but I do not see what really makes it festive. I could barely taste the mince meat and, for me, without that it is simply not a festive pie – just a regular old custard one.

Yes, the crust of the pie is just as good as it always is, and it certainly does the job of offering something sweet to help take the guilty aftertaste of a Big Mac away.

But overall, I have to mark it down for the simple fact that it is not festive enough. It should taste like a Christmas party in my mouth - and it just doesn’t.