Georgie Eats the website featuring sustainable recipes

Georgie Mullen started her website Georgie Eats and Instagram @georgeeatsUK as a passion project.
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In four years it has grown to a community where she shares sustainable recipes, cookery class information and nutritional advice.

She said: “I had always been interested in cooking and loved to write my own recipes, which I began to post on my platforms.

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“After my community began to grow and my recipes were becoming more popular, I was offered my first collaboration with a company to write five vegan Christmas recipes for their website.

One of the cookery classes. Picture: Kirsty Jayne RussellOne of the cookery classes. Picture: Kirsty Jayne Russell
One of the cookery classes. Picture: Kirsty Jayne Russell

“Since then I have received the majority of my jobs via recommendations from previous clients and have now been full time in the industry for about two years.”

Georgie’s signature dish is spinach, coconut and red lentil dhal. The Chichester resident loves it because it is made in one pot and she describes it as ‘wonderfully comforting’.

She added: “It tastes even better the next day so is perfect for batch cooking. I am never without some in my freezer.”

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The recipes on the website are simple and use the best of seasonal ingredients to help people cook and eat more sustainably.

Georgie. Picture: Kirsty Jayne RussellGeorgie. Picture: Kirsty Jayne Russell
Georgie. Picture: Kirsty Jayne Russell

She said: “That’s what Georgie Eats is all about. When you visit my website you will find an abundance of delicious recipes and gorgeous photography to help you fall back in love with veg, learn how to nourish both yourself and the planet and cook delicious, healthy food.”

Georgie, 23, spent the majority of her childhood as a non meat-eater, before slowly reducing the whole of her animal product intake during adulthood.

“I am passionate about sustainability and reducing our environmental impact,” she said. “However, I don’t personally believe that in order to do this everyone needs to become a vegan.

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“Small little changes can make a big difference – even just one meat-free meal a week can make an impact.”

Georgie’s recipes are ‘veganish’ meaning some may occasionally contain eggs or dairy products, or have an option for you to add meat.

She said: “All the recipes focus on celebrating the seasons and making plants the star of the show.”

Georgie also hosts vegan cookery classes.

She said: "I am now venturing out into the event space - something I have always wanted to do, where I will be able to teach people how to cook the recipes they see me post."

For more information, visit or Instagram @georgieeatsUK