​Enjoy the Euros with wine from the host country

Modern German Wines for the Euros 2024Modern German Wines for the Euros 2024
Modern German Wines for the Euros 2024
Back in the 70s, we were all drinking and enjoying wines from Germany along with France, Spain and Italy, until Australia came along and upset the status quo.

Memories are long, and although there have always been outstanding quality German wines at the top end of the scale, most people still remember the semi-sweet, fairly ordinary wines at the lower end.

But times have changed, along with wine making practices, technology and consumer demands and expectations.

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So rather than sitting down to watch the ‘footie’ with a case of beer, reconnect with the modern German wines, as you cheer on whichever team you want to win whilst the matches play out in the host country of Germany.

Riesling is a grape variety which is synonymous with Germany, with grapes grown in virtually every wine region right across the country.

One of the great wine grapes of the world, Riesling is a versatile variety, making a variety of styles from very sweet to crisply dry, the latter style being most sought after by the modern wine consumer.

Sturmwolken Riesling 2023 is a just off dry, delicate and elegant white, with an attractive floral and peach aroma, lemon zest on the palate, from the Pfalz region.

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Vegan friendly and light in alcohol at 11%, it is a versatile, easy drinking white, great with chicken dishes and lightly spiced Asian cuisine.

Riesling that is as zesty as it is rich, with intense honey-fruit aromas and a crisp citrus edge. Sainsburys £8.

Waitrose Dry (Trocken) German Riesling comes from the steep slopes of the higher Mosel valley.

Fresh, dry and crisp, with elegant minerality and medium body. Notes of honey and lime zest and pleasantly light with lower alcohol at 11%. £8.49 a bottle.

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Another great value German white from Waitrose is Weinhaus Sauvignon Blanc Kalkstein 2021.

A grape variety seldom associated with Germany, here in the Pfalz region it produces a fresh, dry and zesty wine which is very aromatic, with hints of mango, passion fruit and lemon zest.

Normally £9.99 it is currently on offer at £2 off per bottle until 2nd July.

Pinot Noir is a red grape variety that performs well in Germany with its generally cooler climate.

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G.Stepp 2021 is a Pinot Noir Rosé, once more from the great Pfalz region, made by Gerd Stepp, a highly respected German winemaker, with experience of making wine all around the globe.

Crisp, dry and refreshing with raspberries and wild strawberries on the palate, with an attractive mid-salmon colour. Stocked by Naked Wines at a market price of £13.99.

Pfalz Pinot Noir has become one of Germany’s flagship red wine styles and Ernst Loosen Pinot Noir 2022 is a great example.

Succulent, juicy red fruit flavours with firm balancing acidity and soft, mellow tannins £11.99 mix six price from Majestic.

A very summery red with lightness, yet enough body to accompany barbecued chicken or a perfect Caesar salad.