FOOD REVIEW: Breakfast at Subway, Worthing

The Herald and Gazette team is always looking for a good breakfast deal which is value for money, yet sufficiently satisfying.

And now, there’s a new favourite in the newsroom.

Subway offers a range of breakfast subs for its customers, and for just £2, you get a coffee on the side, too.

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The deal is great value for money – when you consider the price of a coffee at Subway is £1.60, you are technically paying just 40p for a breakfast sub.

The Herald and Gazette team visited the Subway take-away restaurant in Chapel Road, Worthing, to order its breakfast, and was greeted with a smile. The Subway staff were unfazed by the six-person order, and quickly delivered the team’s subs, with no errors, in a matter of minutes.

All the Herald and Gazette staff chose meat options for their breakfast subs, but there is also a vegetarian option of egg and cheese.

I opted for the sausage, egg and cheese sub, which came with a substantial amount of filling, and just enough cheese to not overwhelm the whole sandwich.

I also chose the hearty Italian-style bread for my sub, which proved to be a good choice to complement the filling.

Two of the reporters opted for the bacon, egg and cheese sub, which comes with a choice of sauce. While both the reporters said the sub was filling and a tasty breakfast option, they were of the opinion the sub could have benefited from more bacon, to make the eating experience more satisfying.

Reporter Josh Wilkie said: “For £2, the breakfast combo of a bacon, egg and cheese sub and a white coffee, was superb value for money and a filling treat. The bacon, although not freshly cooked, was of good flavour, and was complemented by soft fresh bread.

“The bonus you get with a subway breakfast is you have everything you would expect from a breakfast, like sausage, bacon and egg, with the added optional extra of bread choice and access to all salad.

“The only thing I would say, is my sub could have been heated up a bit more – I like a hot breakfast roll.”

Content editor Nicola Caines ordered a sausage sub, with brown sauce. She said the sub was tasty and well-filled – despite not having chosen any other breakfast items – and was a far more satisfying breakfast roll than others she has sampled in the past.

Reporter Alex Therrien went all out with his breakfast order and ordered the mega melt deal for £2.50, which comes packed with all the staple favourites – sausage, bacon and egg, along with the optional helping of cheese and brown sauce.

He said: “I had the mega melt, and was extremely pleased with the value and size of my sub.

“When you consider all this comes with a surprisingly tasty latté, considering the reasonable price, it would be fair to say Subway has been elevated to the status of breakfast king in the Herald and Gazette office.”

The Subway take-away in Chapel Road is open from Monday to Wednesday 8am to midnight, Thursday 8am-3am, Friday and Saturday 8am-4am, and Sunday 8am-11.30pm. To contact the take-away, telephone 01903 239008.