M. Chapoutier – a Rhone Valley producer with a mission

Wines from M.Chapoutier in the Rhone ValleyWines from M.Chapoutier in the Rhone Valley
Wines from M.Chapoutier in the Rhone Valley
For me, one of the great names in Rhone Valley wines has always been Chapoutier. From my earliest days in the wine trade, I have always associated the name of M. Chapoutier with great quality.

But not only quality, but also distinctive character, wine that has something to say for itself. One of the greatest attributes for any wine is this definition of character, without which it is just another bottle on the shelf.

One of the most admired French wine brands across the world, the company was founded in 1808. Run by successive generations of the Chapoutier family since 1897, the philosophy is firmly anchored in the concept of terroir, the continuing objective to produce wines which are the ultimate expression of that terroir.

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In the words of Michel Chapoutier “The quality of the raw material comes first and foremost from the vineyards, not from Vinification”.

Firm believers in safeguarding the environment, Chapoutier have been championing organic and biodynamic wines since 1991, striving to preserve biological life and harness the forces of nature in their quest to produce expressive and charcterful wines.

The cycles of the Earth, Sun and Moon are important factors in biodynamic wine production and their understanding leads to important decisions which affect the eventual outcome of the wine produced.

Making wines from virtually all the top Crus of the Rhone, including Ermitage, Cote Rotie, St Joseph and Chateauneuf du Pape, with prices ranging from over 500 euros a bottle to around 28 euros, Chapoutier also produces first class wines at the more ‘any day’ end of the spectrum with UK prices less than £18 a bottle, possibly £14 - £15.

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Combe Pilate Viognier 2022 is one such wine, an IgP from the Collines Rhodaniennes, made from 100% Viognier. Full bodied and aromatic, with aromas and flavours of peach, apricot and honey.

Some minerality on the palate with a savoury finish

Outstanding value.

Available from Independent merchants around the country £15 - £18.

Biodynamic, with a very modern and distinctive label.

Chapoutier Cotes du Rhone Collection Adunatio Bio Rouge 2022 is an exceptional wine for the price – around £14 per bottle, which truly demonstrates the passion and expertise of the winemakers.

Crafted from a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre from some of the best vineyards of the region, this is a complex and full-bodied wine, with plum, blackberry and dark cherry flavours.

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Intense aromas of spice and black pepper, accentuated by the biodynamic production methodology. Silky tannins, with great structure and a long, satisfying finish.

Humility is at the heart of the M. CHAPOUTIER soul. Nature always has the final say.

The winemaker observes, decides and guides nature in the most respectful way possible. ‘Fac et spera’ (do and hope), has become the family currency.