Vegan chef’s new book and Brighton supper club

A Brighton-based chef’s new book is full of recipes which make full use of vegetables.

A Brighton-based chef’s new book is full of recipes which make full use of vegetables.

The Whole Vegetable by Sophie Gordon is out now and published by Penguin.

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Sophie explained the inspiration for the book: “We’ve become fixated on using multiple ingredients in our meals – from a ready meal with an ingredients list too long to read, to the belief that a dinner party means buying 30 new items from a supermarket.

Sophie Gordon's white bean, coconut and celery soup

“I’m here to show you that using fewer ingredients doesn’t mean compromising on taste; in fact, by eating seasonally, you will create dishes that are vibrant and full of flavour – because the produce is at its peak!

“Every recipe in this book has been created with the idea of making use of the whole vegetable. I encourage you to not throw away what you might normally, saving those scraps to be re-worked into another dish or put into your stock box for later.”

In addition to being a plant-based chef and recipe developer, caterer, Sophie also runs the Whole Vegetable Supper Club which is focused on plant-based and sustainable eating, environmental protection and wellness.

The Whole Vegetable Supper Club’s next meeting, at Cafe Rust in Kemptown on Friday (January 21), is sold out, and is becoming a popular fixture in the city’s culinary calendar.

Lazy kale pasta by Sophie Gordon

Sophie said: “My love for food and cooking has pretty much become the entire focus of my life. I embrace every part.

“More often than not, my casual market purchases turn into some of my most favoured dishes that will get tested on several different friends – or sometimes the same friends multiple times! – before making their way, ever so humbly, on to a retreat or supper club menu.”

The Whole Vegetable is available now to buy in hardback and electronic formats, and tickets will soon be available for The Whole Vegetable Supper Club at Cafe Rust on St George’s Road on March 11.

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Sophie Gordon
Whole-roasted celeriac by Sophie Gordon