Full churches - but little apricot blossom

From the pages of the Lewes Journal, April 1817:

n Good Friday was observed here as it should be; the shops were closed, the churches well attended, and the day altogether had the appearance of a Sunday.

n The apricot blossoms, in many situations, have been completely cut off by the late frosty nights; and the gooseberry and currant trees, we find, have not everywhere escaped them.

n The celelbrated preacher, the Rev. Rowland Hill, is to perform the morning service at the Lewes Tabernacle on Sunday next, which will, no doubt, attract the attendance of a large congregation.

n A man of genteel appearance and good address, assuming the character of a gentleman, successfully practised his deceptions in this town (Lewes). He took a lodging, obtained a good pair of boots of a shoemaker, a good dinner at the inn and the hire of a horse and gig - but without payment and soon decamped.