German sub parts still there

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Rouser’s recent story about the German submarine beached at Birling Gap brought some interesting responses.

John Dann writes: ‘About the submarine at Birling Gap. You say that there are workmen breaking it up.

‘If you look closely at the picture you will see a boy and girl climbing on it. The boy was my father Cecil Dann, aged about 10, and the girl was either his sister, Maud, or 
his then girlfriend, Nora Worsell, daughter of Birling Gap coastguard station officer Worsell.

‘I think the photo was taken by Mr Arch, a photographer who lived at the Gap.

‘The submarine was broken up in the early 30s, but some of the lower sections were still there when I was a boy, along with parts of a ship.

‘These were finally salvaged in the late 60s. I remember one of the best places for prawns used to be around the old ship’s boiler, which was wedged in the rocks.’

And Ed Jarzembowski says: ‘Enjoyed your piece about the WW1 sub under the Seven Sisters.

‘She’s still there in part; makes a nice lunch platform.’