Global multimedia commission

The Hawth’s first international multimedia commission is unveiled on Saturday, June 18 from 7pm in Crawley.

Spokeswoman Lorraine Gould said: “Last year French company Compagnie Animotion brought a preview of a work in progress to The Hawth. Following feedback from the audience the company were commissioned through The Hawth’s Going Global project to continue developing the show.

“Now The Hawth is proud to present the final result, the world premiere of Diaspora, the theatre’s first international multimedia commission which will take place outdoors in The Hawth marquee on Saturday, June 18 from 7pm.

“Diaspora explores movement and travelling, who we are as individuals and as a society and celebrates the differences within our changeable world. It is the culmination of research and development work which took place in Crawley in 2010 and a week-long residency in the town in the lead-up to the show, giving the piece a personal resonance for Crawley residents.

“Before the show begins at 8.30pm there will be a community picnic from 7pm to celebrate the many cultures that make up Crawley.

“Everyone is invited to enjoy a food-tasting by bringing along a dish to share with others. Pre-show entertainment will be provided by Bollywood and Diego Garcian dancers, African and Philipino culture, sari workshops and world music. If you would like to showcase something from your own culture for five or 10 minutes on the night please contact Marilyn LeFeuvre on 01293 438109 or email

“Come along to share food and stories and enjoy Compagnie Animotion’s physical theatre incorporating video, recorded testimonies and live music inspired by themes of refuge, exile and diaspora, ending with a dance for all to join in!”

Tickets: Free, but booking is essential as there is limited capacity. Call The Hawth Box Office on 01293 438111 or visit