Guns, soap, plums and herrings

From the pages of the Lewes Journal, September, 1816:

* We have heard of no preparation among the gunners for taking to the field this day; we hope therefore that the feathered legions will be secure from their deadly shots for some time to come.

* Letter from local resident: ‘I reside in the Cliffe, the soap factory is at the bottom of my garden. It makes a great smoke and nauseous smells, It injures my garden and comes into the house, making me feel a sickness’.

* Many who are admirers of the Divinity of Christ will be glad to hear that the Rev T. R. Kemp is erecting a chapel in this town on a site of ground under its venerable castle.

* A remarkably fine Orlean plum was, a few days since, gathered in the garden of a gentleman in this town [Lewes]. It measured in circumference six inches and weighed nearly two ounces and a half.

* Fine herrings were brought to this town last week and retailed at eighteen for a shilling.