Happy days at the flicks

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012

THE good old Odeon Cinema in Cliffe High Streeet, Lewes. It was closed when Rouser arrived in the town in 1975 so he never had a chance to enjoy its luxurious ambiance.

Built for and operated by Oscar Deutsch and his Odeon Theatres chain, it was the second Odeon to be designed by architect Andrew Mather.

It opened on June 22, 1934, with Cicely Courtnidge in Aunt Sally.

There was a three-storey high facade, which had a central advertisement board, above which was the Odeon name sign.

It was actually a false front as the foyer inside was only two storeys in height.

Inside the auditorium, seating was provided on a semi-stadium plan with a seperate raised circle section at the rear which did not overhang the stalls seating. There were 518 seats in the stalls and

468 in the circle. There was a cafe/restaurant and, wonder of wonders, a free car park.

The Odeon closed on October 2, 1971, with Shirley MacLaine in Two Mules For Sister Sarah. It was later sold to a propery developer but remained closed and sadly unused until 1982 when it was demolished and shops and housing were built on the site.