Happy times on the Downs but do you know who is who?

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

A happy bunch of youngsters at the top of what looks like the Nevill estate in Lewes, facing east.

The photograph was sent in by Alan Brown of Lewes who is anxious to find out more about the occasion and when and where it happened.

A small number of the children are in fancy dress.

Mr Brown has identified a number of them - Mary Zara, Nick Windless, Bill West, Peter Tompsett, Derek Alcock, Jean Coppard, ? West and ? Manser. Others might include Mrs Boseley, Bill Clackett’s sister, June Clayton, Joan Jarman, Joyce West, Pauline Boseley, Joan Manser, Elaine Booth and Ann Vennel.

Alan believes the picture was taken around 1948.