He certainly won’t be druv

One E V Lucas, in his Highways and Byways in Sussex, had this to say about the obstinacy of the Sussex man:

In losing your way in this neighbourhood, do not ask the passer-by for Selmeston, but for Simson; for Selmeston, pronounced as it is spelt, does not exist.

Sussex men are curiously intolerant of the phonetics of orthography.

Chalvington is a pretty word, but Sussex declines to call it other than Chawton. Firle becomes Furrel. Lewes is almost Lose, but not quite.

Heathfield is Hefful.

It is characteristic of a Sussex man that he always knows best; though all the masters of all the colleges should assemble about him and speak reasoningly of Selmeston, he would leave the congress as incorrigible and self-satisfied a Simsonian as ever.