He slipped through the historical net

James Iredell.
James Iredell.

A VIRTUALLY unknown Lewes man in 1790 became a Justice in the US Supreme Court. He was one James Iredell (pictured).

How could such a notable Lewes citizen have slipped so easily through the net of local history?

Iredell was born in Lewes in 1751 and went to America at the age of 17 to become Comptroller of Customs in Edenton, NC.

He later became Attorney General for North Carolina and then a Council of State member in 1787.

Like another Lewes man, he supported the adoption of an American Constitution.

From 1790, until his death at the age of 48, he was an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

In fact Iredell was only the sixth Justice to be appointed to that court.

By anybody’s standards, a person of great standing and a fitting figure for some kind of local acknowledgement.