Here's 8 cheap top tips to keep children entertained this autumn

Parents are always looking for ideas to keep the family entertained that don't break the bank.

The money saving team at has compiled a list of ideas for fun on a budget.

A spokesman said: “To keep costs low we’ve looked into different seasonal activities to keep kids and parents busy and whilst some are more traditional ideas such as autumnal walks and apple picking, others such as visiting the beach and having a clean-a-thon of the house are surprisingly fun and a little bit different.”

Here’s the list of eight cheap ideas:

1.Have a family clean-a-thon

Make cleaning a fun challenge for everyone to get on board with. Assign a room to each family member and whoever finishes first wins a prize.

2. Teach team games

Dig out the board games or simply use a deck of cards.

3. Make the most of the garden

Before it gets too cold, make the most of the garden. Get the kids working on autumn veg patches or spruce up the garden with potted plants and hanging baskets.

4. Take a stroll

Enjoy the autumn colours.

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5. Pick apples

Visit a pick-your-own apple farm. Take your pick home and bake a pie with the fruits of your labour.

6. Go to the beach

Take a walk along the coast and breathe in the sea air. Eat a picnic and grab an ice cream.

7. Baking Halloween cakes

Cook up some spooky treats for Halloween. Cheap and easy cakes include – pumpkin rice crispy cakes with white chocolate and red food colouring.

8.Catch a family film at the cinema

Cinemas often do cheap family cinema ticket deals.