High street request for another name

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012
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CLIFFE, Lewes, is partially pedestrianised and we should be thankful for that. But the quest to give walkers and cyslists full priority has been going on for at least 40 years.

This Express photograph shows a demonstration against motorised transport in Cliffe High Street in November, 1968.

It is worth remembering that the street was once part of the A27 - two-way traffic including lorries and buses!

On the same subject, Jim Franks of strategically located Fitzroy House has contacted Rouser on the same vein: ‘Pedestrianising the bit between Friars Walk and river bridge has certainly given new life to this stretch,’ he said. ‘With tables outside Costa’s and people coming and going without traffic to worry about, its all together more relaxed. Almost Parisienne-café style.

‘I’ll always remember the county councillor who said that through-traffic was Lewes’ life-blood. Now we have a traffic-free place for bonfire-societies, Morris Dancers and anyone else who wants to let their hair down.

‘But it would be nice to have a local name for our flat bit of street.

Wouldn’t want to lose the High Street title; we quite enjoy being 10 High Street; but if our flat bit was known locally as, say, Fitzroy Place, it would recall the 19th century, Victorian MP with the Rothschild wife and Lewes’ 19th century history.

‘It would be an opportunity for a bit of a show with a Mayoral opening and some pomp and ceremony.’

Why not?