Hilarious - Avenue Q is the best show you’ll see this year

AS THE curtain went down on the first night of politically incorrect but fabulous show Avenue Q at the Theatre Royal Brighton on Monday night, it was met with a standing ovation by the audience.

For the show which is visiting the Theatre Royal Brighton this week is the most funny, hilarious, brilliant and wonderful show you’ll see this year.

The national tour is being staged by Associate Director Evan Ensign, who has previously worked on Avenue Q on Broadway.

The musical opens on the set of a run down street called – Avenue Q – where we meet the residents and main characters of the show, who are struggling to come to terms with their lot in life.

The story follows Princeton, a bright-eyed college graduate new to the area, as he desperately tries to follow his dreams and discover his ever-elusive purpose in life.

It is this ‘purpose’ that causes him to split up from his girlfriend and seek the affections of a busty blonde.

But this is not the only storyline, the show follows several characters in the down town New York street trying to make sense of their lives.

Each song is funny and witty – and tackles issues of love, relationships, work, racism, sex and the realisation that once you have graduated, you’re really never going to go back to college.

I think everyone has sung the song ‘I want to go back to college’ at some point in their life.

The cast, which is a combination of humans and puppets, were fantastic; the star of the show for me was Rachel Jerram as Kate and Lucy, who has the most amazing voice, and the toughest job of acting out two very different characters.

But although the story is so politically incorrect there are points where you literally put your head in your hands and cringe, it does have a good message for all.

If things seem bad now, it’s just for now, there are greater times ahead.

It may sound cheesy on paper, but on the stage it grips you entirely, and you leave the theatre feeling up lifted with a warm fuzzy feeling.

I laughed so much during this show my face hurt – I honestly urge anyone to see it.

It is hilarious and shows puppets aren’t just for kids.