Are you satisfied with how your home looks?

Brits are renowned for being house proud, but now new research has revealed we're a nation that is never truly satisfied with our homes.

Data collected by
Data collected by

A survey of 1,000 UK homeowners carried out by interiors etailer, found more than half (55 per cent) of Brits say they have a room in their house that currently needs decorating, while one in four Brits admit to constantly decorating their home.

The research looked into decorating habits of the nation, and revealed Brits will decorate their lounge or living room every 25 months on average.

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This is followed by the bedroom, which the survey reveals will be made over once every 29 months.

The dining room will be refreshed every 33 months on average, while the bathroom will be decorated every 37 months.

Hallways will be restored every 45 months with a lick or paint or fresh wallpaper.

When quizzed on the time it takes for Brits to decorate a room, respondents cite it takes on average 9.5 days to finish the job and 22 per cent say they finish one room and move straight on to the next.

One in four Brits say they re-decorate regularly to keep up with interiors trends, while 19 per cent say they to do it for enjoyment.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said: “It’s understandable that Britons choose to decorate the rooms in their home so regularly. While interiors trends are ever changing, a simple re-decoration of a room can make a person fall in love with their home all over again.

“That said, this desired effect can be achieved by changing accessories or buying new furniture and doesn’t always have to include a full redecoration job.”